Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Voldemort and Nagini knitting pattern

Now on sale in my Etsy shop - my knitting pattern to make a 14 inch Voldemort doll, and a Nagini who you can knit as long as you like. Voldemort and Nagini knit up on 4mm needles, using the double knitting yarn of your choice. Nagini has a flexible wire inner so you can pose her into all kinds of troublesome positions.

This 8 page knitting pattern has a fittingly gothic feel and is printed on the sort of parchment paper that would be perfect for a potions essay. The cover is card, and the whole thing is hand assembled, with a colour photo of the two cuddly bad guys/gals on the front.

Patterns will be sent by first class owl post, or airmail if you are outside of the UK.