Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Snape looking almost happy

Just finished this Severus Snape doll as a custom order on Etsy and was shocked to see that he looks almost happy. Maybe he just caught Harry running in the corridor and docked him about 500 house points.

The great thing about making your own dolls is that every single one is different, even if you make the same doll over and over again. Even the slightest change in detail can transform a facial expression from angry, to bemused, to downright miserable. If you're knitting your own Severus doll, it's worth trying out a few expressions before settling on the one that you are happiest with. I often unpick the facial embroidery two or three times before I'm happy with it.

This Severus doll is about to wing off to a new home in the USA but if you fancy knitting your own, you can buy my pattern on Etsy.

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