Thursday, 10 November 2011

Wizarding Winter Fair 2011

Knitted Severus Snape will be appearing at the Wizarding Winter Fair in Macclesfield on 16th December 2011. In fact, rumour has it that you may be able to win him as a quiz prize. I don't know how happy he'll be about that...

If you fancy winning Severus, as well as enjoying a wizarding craft fair, bake sale and an evening of Wizard rock, buy your tickets now! £5 in advance or £7 on the door.

The Wizarding Winter Fair folk advise: "WIZARD ATTIRE IS STONGLY ENCOURAGED. SPOT PRIZES WILL BE GIVEN FOR THE BEST COSTUMES. STRICTLY NO MUGGLES ALLOWED. By attending you are helping to raise funds for ALOHOMORA 2013, and in turn our chosen charities!"


  1. I love him!
    Thanks so much for donating him - hopefully he won't be too cross about being a prize ;)
    Laura xxx

  2. I expect there will be a lot of detentions given out but he'll eventually calm down. Hope the event goes really well for you!

  3. Thanks Nicky! He's gorgeous, don't worry - we'll take excellent care of him. :D


  4. I absolulely love your blog!!!!! These are great. :)

  5. Thanks Amanda, I really appreciate it. Working on some new dolls at the moment!