Tuesday, 5 July 2011

A special visitor

Today we have a special visitor to the Slytherin House common room, so I hope you will treat him nicely. Here is Colonel Brandon, from Sense and Sensibility, as played by Alan Rickman.

He's about 14 inches tall, around the same height as my Severus Snape doll, and is incredibly dashing and comes with his trademark hat.

The original doll shown in the photos has already gone to a new home, but you can order another one as a piece of custom knittery from my Etsy shop.


  1. Just to let you know that the delectable Col. B is settling into his new home really well now and is even managing to bring the acerbic Severus Snape round (who wouldn't warm to the lovely colonel!) I'll try & send you a photo at a later stage :-)

  2. Oh brilliant - so glad he arrived safely and that the two of them are getting on. I suppose they do have a lot in common ; )

  3. Would you mind if I posted a picture of my Col. B & Snape dolls on my dA page? I'm trying to pose them with the Colonel reading a copy of HP:DH to Snape!! (Having difficulty shrinking a copy of the book cover down to the right size to re-cover an existing small book!) If I do manage to get it right/post the pic, I would of course credit you as the doll maker :-)

    BTW: I favourited a couple of your pics today on dA (I hope that was OK) & I also see that you've just recently joined the #Focus-Rickman group there (me too - just a couple of weeks ago in fact!)

    Thanks also for adding me to your circle on Etsy :-) (I'm still struggling to sell anything there; most especially a new SS t-shirt I've just designed. I've even put links up on my dA page - to little avail! It seems people are happy to look, just not buy!! I guess these things just take time ... However, I thought the imminent release of HP:DH2 might attract a few fans!) :-)

  4. Please do, go ahead - if you could credit me with knitting them and/or link back to here I would appreciate it (and it would help pay the Slytherin House common room gas bill).

    Don't lose patience with Etsy - once you start to sell things it will snowball, just keep listing and listing... there's a Harry Potter team you can join, that might help! And make some treasuries to share!

  5. I just thought I would let you know that the Snape/Colonel Brandon 'photoshoot' has now taken place & the results posted on dA! (I have sent a separate message to you via the dA site but wanted to be sure you were aware.) :-)

    I have also credited you/linked back to here (I don't want to think of anyone in the Slytherin House common room going cold due to unpaid gas bills!)

    And thanks for telling me about the HP team on Etsy - I've now joined! :-)

  6. Ha! Thank you, I love the photos, I left you a message on dA!