Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Draco Malfoy doll

The only time I ever did a personality quiz on Facebook ("Which Harry Potter character are you?") it told me that I was like Draco Malfoy (which is what happens when you do personality quizzes on Monday morning before having your coffee). So when I was asked by one of my Etsy customers to knit her a Draco, I was delighted.

Draco is a little bit smaller than the adult dolls, about 11 inches tall, and he's got a slighter build. I based him on Prisoner of Azkaban-era Draco, where he's only just started to get into his evil stride and still has that slightly innocent air of superior swagger. In the photo above he's waiting for Harry to walk past so he can trip him up or shout "Woooo-oooo Dementor" at him.

Here's Draco walking around outside Hogwarts, looking for some first years to pick on.

Draco was a custom order from my Etsy shop, but I will be selling the pattern soon.

Oh - and just to warn you - I have also knitted a non-Slytherin character doll and will reveal all soon. Hope there isn't a riot in the common room.

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