Thursday, 27 January 2011

Lucius Malfoy doll knitting pattern

This is my knitting pattern to make a 12 inch Lucius Malfoy doll. Lucius knits up on 4mm needles, using the double knitting yarn of your choice. He'd probably prefer something luxurious and expensive for his coat, but that's something you'll have to discuss with him.

Lucius is wearing an Edwardian-style smoking jacket with silver bead buttons, a grey cravat and a silver-buckled belt. He's carrying his trademark cane.

You can buy this 8-page knitting pattern in my Etsy shop.


  1. Hi there - I think he is really lovely - also the Snape and Lily dolls you have created - they are all very good. Do you plan on doing a Narcissa doll as well? If you do, could you do one to match how she is visually portrayed in the movies? Best wishes ~ Ravenfeather

  2. Hello Ravenfeather - glad you like them! Narcissa is on my knit list for sure - would love to do her wearing that green coat she wore in the Half-Blood Prince film (would love one of those myself, actually). Next up is Voldemort but Narcissa will be along at some point for sure, Nicky x

  3. Hi Nicky - that's great! Yes, I liked her coat too from HBP, also her clothes in DH. I wasn't too sure about movie Narcissa's look to start with, but have grown to like her and even more so in the recent film. I like your photo of doll Snape and Lucius sitting having tea together ... and the remaining biscuit ... I am rather fond of those myself!
    Best wishes
    Ravenfeather x

  4. Yes, I wasn't sure that they'd got her right in the films to start with (almost like a mousy Cruella de Ville) but she is great in DH, I like the way that shows the Malfoy's vulnerabilities (felt espesh sorry for poor Lucius).

    Maybe we should make the Fox's Choc Fudge Crunch Cream the official Slytherin House common room biscuit xxx

  5. I felt sorry for all the Malfoys in DH, but especially Lucius - poor man was trembling like anything at that meeting with Voldemort and how he kept flinching, and I felt so sad for him when V broke his wand and threw the snake head down, but I am glad Lucius retrieved it. Also liked how Narcissa spoke to him and drew him back from Draco at the start of the Manor fight scene I am looking forward to how the Malfoys are treated in the second part of the movie.

    And yes, the rather luxurious, 'Naughty, but Nice' Fox's Choc Fudge Crunch Cream would be perfect as the official Slytherin House common room biscuit - what a wonderful idea :)

  6. Yes, hopefully they will be back on top arrogant form in part two - and he'll have had his snake head glued back on again! Will send the house elf out for some Crunch Creams this morning. That's the best way to start the week : )